Due to the nature of our business, we require 24 hours notice to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment.  You will be charged full price for any missed appointment and must pay before rebooking.  Some appointments require a deposit for first time guests.


DMK facials are unlike any facial you’ve ever had before. These legendary treatments give plasmatic effect for a true oxygen facial that leaves your skin feeling like porcelain.  We can address everything from acne to hyperpigmentation and it’s suitable for all skin conditions.  Enjoy a foot massage while masking.  Your first DMK treatment comes with 20% off any DMK product purchase.  Add a peel for $20.

A series of treatments, 6 layer peel and remodeling procedure can address very deep skin concerns like scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.

DMK Enzyme Skin Revision – 1 Hour 30 Min – $150. 

DMK Enzyme Acne Revision – 1 Hour 30 Min – $150.

DMK Enzyme Hyperpigmentation – 1 Hour 30 Min – $150.

DMK Enzyme Stretch Mark Revision – 1 Hour 30 Min – $150.

DMK Enzyme Firming Muscle Banding – 1 Hours 30 Min – $150. 

DMK Boot Camps – Buy 4 get 1 FREE for 5 weekly DMK treatments and 20% off all product purchases within that time frame.  This is the best way to see the most dramatic changes in the skin.

DMK 6 Layer Peel – 3 treatments with products included. Must do 3 visits in one week, be prepared for peeling and commit to skin prep before 1st visit.  This is for someone who wants to reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines and signs of aging.

DMK Remodeling Procedure (RP) – 3 treatments with products included.  Must do 3 visits in one week, be prepared for peeling and commit to skin prep before 1st visit.  This is for someone who wants to rebuild the structure of the skin due to severe sun damage and signs of aging., cross-hatching, hyperpigmentation and deep lines.

DMK Lunchtime Peel – 30 Min – $75.  A combination of natural acids that dissolve dead skin, soften lines and leave the skin glowing.

DMK Medi-Pedi – 30 Min – $50. A treatment to dissolve severely calloused skin that traditional pedicures don’t address.


All facials are customized to your skin’s specific needs that day and we specialize in acne, anti-aging and rosacea utilizing award winning, DMK, a paramedical skin care line and organic, Beauty Buster Skin Care.

We are paramedical estheticians and guarantee you’ll see improvements in your skin if you follow our recommendations for home care and professional treatments. We DO NOT believe in putting people on antibiotics, Accutane or other prescription medications to control skin conditions, risking suicide, liver and kidney damage.  Regulating skin conditions takes teamwork and our passion is your skin. After your first treatment, you’ll receive a customized prescription to keep your skin glowing and healthy at home.

Be sure to book your FREE computerized skin scan with your first facial.

Beam Me Up – 1 Hour 25 Min – $150. Microcurrent is a medical state of the art machine that uses special frequencies to stimulate collagen, tighten muscles and reduce wrinkles.  The ultimate in lifting and firming.


Quick Fix – 30 Min – $55. A mini facial that is a quick pick-me-up for stressed out skin.  A little of this and a little of that so you can face the day.

Bay Breeze – 50 Min – $85. We can cover a little bit of everything in this facial. Anti-aging, breakouts and exfoliation.

Surfin USA – 1 Hour – $100. Ride the ultrasound wave of deep cleaning and anti-aging.  Ultrasound uses sound waves to blast away clogged pores and then penetrate products deep into the skin.  Unlike microdermabrasion, ultrasound is very gentle and won’t irritate or damage skin.

Livin On A Prayer – 2 Hours – $250. The ultimate in anti-aging. Microcurrent, ultrasound, oxygen and peels oh my! Tighten, firm, deep penetration and exfoliation, all mixed with holy water and a prayer to the sun gods that we can reverse the damaging effects of the suns rays.

Summer Lovin Teen Facial – 30 Min – $55. Leave it to the pros to pick, pop and pamper.  Emphasis on dissolving oil, extractions and hydrating to eliminate nasty crusting that can come with over drying and stripping the skin.


Pregnancy Massage 55 minutes – $95 – Love your body as much as your baby.  This is the perfect time to reduce your stress level, relieve pain from overstressed muscles and bloated limbs.  Pillows help position the body for maximum comfort and support.

Bikini Body Treatment 40 mintues – $80 – Detoxifying, relaxing and purifying essential oils of pine, lavender, juniper, thyme, peppermint and sage are rubbed onto the body after a loofah mitt scrub.  A steam tent is placed over you to penetrate the oils into the skin so they can start dissolving subborn and stored up toxins.  Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to continue the detoxification process.

Raindrop½ hour – $60 – Pure essential oils are strategically placed on the spine and feet to help boost the immune system.  Perfect for those who fly and help prevent sickness.

Annointed Feet½ hour – $60 – Reflexology using hot towels and ancient essential oils from Biblical times.  These oils were used to honor special guests and now we will honor you.

Reiki – ½ hour – $55 – Think Mr. Miyagi! Healing hands are placed on your chakras and any areas of pain to increase relaxation. 

Steamy Wonder Steam Tent$25 for 20 minutes – Enjoy a full body steam while you lay on a table with your head exposed so you can actually breathe! Amazing way to reduce stress, relax tight muscles and detox the body, mind and soul. A perfect extra to add to any treatment.


We only use faux mink Xtreme Lash products, which is the #1 lash extension company in the world. They have the best glue and the best training on the market. To get the longest lasting lashes possible, we recommend only using the Xtreme makeup remover and cleanser in one.

Lash Extensions

  • Classic Full set – 1 hour –  65 to 70 lashes per eye $250
  • Diva Set – 2 hours – 100 lashes per eye $300
  • Glam Set – 15 minutes – 20 lashes per eye $50
  • Volume Set – 2 hours – $350 fills suggested every 2 weeks
  • Bottom Lashes – $30
  • Lashes Anonymous – Buy 5 fills, get one free 

Lash Fills – Every 2-4 Weeks

If full set was put on at another spa, the first fill is $75, then goes back down to regular price upon return visit.

  • Classic Fill – 30 lashes per eye- approx. 30 minutes $55  (not available on glam sets)
  • Diva – approx. 45 min $75  (not available on glam sets)
  • Volume Fill – approx. 30 min. $60


Sinus & Migraine Relief – $20 for 10 Min
Pressure point massage on face and head to relieve sinus pressure followed up with eucalyptus oil.

PMS Relief – $20 for 10 Min
Clary sage is rubbed on your stomach to help relieve cramping along with a warm belly pack and very gentle lower back massage. Of course a piece of chocolate to help you get through the day.

LBI or little bikini ingrowns – $30 for 15 Min
Blast out bikini line ingrown hairs, zap them with high frequency and kill the bacteria before it spreads.

Zit Zapper – $10 for 5 Min
Got a zit? We will pop it, zap it and send you on your way!

Beard Blaster – $40 for 20 Min
Shaving is rough on the skin and we have an arsenal of machines, hot towels and products to help speed up healing of ingrown hairs as well as prevent them.  

Nioxin Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Treatment – $40 for 15 Min
Jump start hair growth by massaging Nioxin serum directly into the scalp with hands as well as electrical current. (please come in with a clean scalp and hair)

Go With The Flow – $40 for 15 Min
Target aging areas with medical grade, micro-current. Choose from eyes, lips, neck or forehead.

Navajo Herbal Hair Oil Treatment – $25 for 10 Min
An exclusive blend of Navajo herbs, saturated in oil are massaged into the scalp and hair with electrical current for deep scalp penetration.  Leave in overnight for best result and shampoo in the morning. (please come in with a clean scalp and hair)

Hand Job – $40 for 15 Min
Minimize fine lines, aging and dark spots with an acid peel on the back of hands.  Finish with hydrating mask and SPF.

Sunburn Relief – $40 for 20 Min
Pick an area of your body or full face and we’ll show those nasty UVB rays who’s the boss.  Hydrate, repair and a smack on the back of the hand for treating your skin so poorly!

Steamy Wonder Steam Tent – $25 for 15 Min
Enjoy a full body steam while you lay on a table with your head exposed so you can actually breathe! Amazing way to reduce stress, relax tight muscles and detox the body, mind and soul. A perfect extra to add on to any treatment.



We only use Norvell, the #1 airbrush tanning company in the world and the exclusive airbrush tanning system used on Dancing With The Stars. It’s organic, vegan and never orange. To ensure long lasting results, we recommend you exfoliate before tanning and only use the Norvell Shower Cleanser to maximize an evenly fading tan by keeping the proper pH of the skin. 

The regular full body tan takes 24 hours to fully develop and you’re able to shower after 24 hours. We also offer 1 hour tans that allow you to do a warm water rinse after 1 hour while the tan still develops over the next 24 hours.

1 Heart sticker is free with every tan to create a white heart wherever you want. Extra hearts are $2 each

  1. Full body tan – $55
  2. 1 Hour Full body tan – $65
  3. Package of full body tan – buy 5 get one free
  4. Body scrub and tan – $70
  5. Package of full body scrub and tan – buy 5 get one free
  6. Face tan only – $10
  7. Leg tan only – $30

  • Aromatherapy – coconut, vanilla
  • Light, medium, dark, super dark
  • Fitness competition black out formula
  • Ab contouring
  • Cleavage contouring


We only use Cerepil strip and stripless wax and Sugar of the Nile, which is vegan and organic.  Sugaring is one of the oldest and most coveted forms of hair removal.  It is a paste consisting of sugar, water and lemon.  No strips are used and it does not stick to or damage the skin.  It is safe for chemotherapy patients as well.


  • Brows $20
  • Brazilian $50
  • Bikini $25
  • ½ leg $25
  • Full leg $65
  • Lip $8
  • Underarm $15


  • Brows $15
  • Brazilian $50
  • Chest $50
  • Back $50


We only use the highest quality mineral makeup that is proven to give your skin a perfect glow.  We can custom blend mineral liquid and powder foundation, mineral bronzers, powder blush and creamy concealers.  We keep your formula on file, so you can just call or text us to reorder. Bring back your container and get a discount and reduce waste. 

  • Custom blend foundation – $50 for the first time, $45 for reorder with container
  • Custom blend blush – $35 – $30 for reorder with container
  • Custom blend concealer – $25 – $20 for reorder with container
  • Custom blend bronzer – $40 for the first time $35 for reorder with container
  • Makeup Application – $75
  • Bridal Makeup Trial – $75
  • Bridal Makeup Day of Wedding – $150
  • Makeup Lesson – $100
  • All About Eyes – $40 – (eye makeup and lashes)
  • Lash Tint – $25
  • Brow Tint – $25

Please call for on-site makeup application prices.


Our massages are customized based upon the options you choose to have included in your massage. This allows you to take control, try something new every time and give your body what it needs and wants. At the end, you’ll receive a personalized prescription to continue the good vibes at home.  Some options include steam, warm bamboo, aromatherapy, reflexology and scalp massage.

  • Jet Star – 30 Min – $55
  • Benny – 50 Min – $90
  • Down The Shore – 1 Hour, 15 Min – $125
  • Jersey Strong – 1 Hour, 30 Min – $145
  • The Boss – 2 Hours – $200



Since we’re all about choice, feel free to choose any 3 services and take 10% off.  Your gift recipient can also take that monetary total and use it however they choose on services and products! Gift certificates do not expire. We suggest putting the cash gratuity is in the envelope before giving, to alleviate the stress for your recipient in trying to figure out tips after being so relaxed. It’s kind of like making sure you include the batteries when giving a battery-operated gift.